Onsite Or Near-Site, Clinics Make It Easier To Be Healthy

Onsite and near-site clinics are an increasingly popular component of employer benefit strategies. They reduce the costs of delivering primary care by increasing efficiency and utilization, while also driving improved cost savings.

They solve challenges inherent in the traditional fee-for-service healthcare system like long wait times, short provider interactions, and scheduling challenges that make accessing and affording quality care more than inconvenient.

The results — in engagement and ROI — are astonishing, as are the total healthcare costs savings. In 2019, Vera’s clinic for the Northern Arizona Public Employers Benefit Trust (NAPEBT) achieved a 63% increase in employee engagement. Cost savings were also significant, with a 43% ROI for total eligible population, and $1.28M in net savings.

How Onsite Clinics Work

Onsite clinics are an excellent vehicle for delivering primary care services. They centralize healthcare for patients, and provide the majority of consultation, treatment, and follow-up they need at one location from one dedicated primary care team.


What are onsite clinics?

Onsite or near-site clinics are the most effective way to provide high-quality primary care that’s truly accessible, so patients actually use it and get healthier.  

At an onsite clinic, patients meet with a dedicated provider, nurse, or health coach who has time to spend with them and isn’t pressured to see as many patients as possible

They have time to form strong relationships, gain insight into any underlying issues, and provide the necessary treatment and guidance to empower patients to achieve better health.


How do onsite clinics work for patients?

At an onsite clinic, patients get the care they need, when they need it, so they can improve or maintain their health, stay productive, and live longer, happier lives. 

  • medical-home Clinics act as a medical home — Rather than enduring a constant parade of specialists and bouncing between different facilities, patients receive the majority of their healthcare needs at a single location by a dedicated primary care team. 
  • scheduling Scheduling made easy and affordable — No more waiting weeks to see your primary care provider. At an onsite clinic, scheduling is easy. Patients can normally be seen on the same or next day, with short wait times and little to no copay. 
  • onsite-facility Onsite facilities for faster results — With lab facilities and dispensaries onsite, patients enjoy greater convenience for point-of-care testing and prescription refills. 
  • care-coordination-simplified Care coordination simplified — When specialist treatment is necessary, a patient’s dedicated care team coordinates everything. From follow-up care to integration of any new directives or prescriptions, care plans are designed to ensure there are no gaps in care or communication.
  • health-coach-green Integrated Health Coaching — Health coaches partner with providers and patients to work on goal setting as part of a dedicated care plan. With guidance from their health coach, patients can change their behavior and drive their own positive health outcomes. 

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How Vera Care Centers
Improve on Traditional Clinics

Vera care centers improve on the traditional onsite clinics. They treat a patient’s whole health, focus on behavior change, and employ empathetic listening to drive long-term positive health outcomes. With these tools, providers and health coaches give patients the information and support they require to take control of their own health and change their behavior. 

Health Coaching

Our embedded whole health coaches, along with the entire primary care team, use empathetic listening to unlock behavior change in patients

Culture of Health

Our care centers proactively advocate for all employees through the use of Whole Health Councils that encourage a culture of health throughout the organization, not only with patients that visit the care center

Feedback Loop

Whole Health Councils also create a feedback loop between employees and clinic staff so that the care approach is tailored to employee and organizational needs

Why does Vera call clinics “care centers?”

The services we provide go beyond the clinical to focus on whole patient health. While our primary care teams deliver core services, including planned and unplanned care, occupational health, and chronic disease management, we also offer health coaching to combat unhealthy habits and negative social determinants of health, and to guide patients through each step of behavior change. 


The Benefits of an
Onsite Clinic

Onsite clinics deliver a range of exciting benefits when implemented as part of an effective primary care model.

Better care for patients

Patients at onsite clinics enjoy an easy-to-use, high-quality source of primary care for little to no cost, all in one convenient location. Plus, they’ll get a dedicated care team that integrates with vital services, like health coaching and prescriptions filled onsite. 

Effective benefits for employers

Employers who utilize onsite clinics can expect a healthier workforce that equates to lower overall healthcare costs, decreased claims, and increased productivity. 

Competitive advantage for insurers

At a time when the health insurance industry is in constant disruption, onsite clinics offer a clear competitive advantage. Because onsite clinics operate at a fixed cost, insurers don’t have to guess. Instead, they benefit from clear population data, improved patient outcomes, high patient satisfaction ratings, and dependable claims reduction. 

Quality environments for providers

Providers value finally having the time and space to form strong relationships with patients and understand their needs. At an onsite clinic, they can provide necessary diagnosis and treatment, but also guide patients through behavior change that leads to improved, lifelong health and well-being.

A real solution for our healthcare system 

With onsite clinics, overall strain on our healthcare system is reduced as patients stop bypassing their primary care providers in favor of going to a specialist without a referral or to the ER.

The Future of Health is
Primary Care

Primary care delivered in an onsite clinic setting is a powerful tool for improving the current healthcare system and creating positive health outcomes. It provides a more streamlined, comprehensive, and rewarding healthcare experience in the following ways:

  • Allowing patients to bring a myriad of health problems and concerns to one provider or care team for the appropriate medical attention without the need for a specialist referral, in most cases
  • Coordinating every step of specialist care, when required, including high-quality, low-cost referrals, scheduling, follow-up, and integration of any new treatment or medication into the patient health plan
  • Helping providers identify and minimize patient health risks through assessments, claims data analysis, and preventive care, along with chronic disease management for those who need it
  • Fostering strong patient-provider relationships that boost engagement and provide patients with the confidence to make informed decisions and take control of their own health
  • Improving health at both individual and population scales, as better habits and lifestyle choices (the results of behavior change) are transmitted from patients to their families, coworkers, and communities

What Sets Vera Apart

Our model is uniquely designed to help people achieve optimum social, psychological, and physical well-being — an outcome that’s neither probable nor affordable within the current sick-care system.

Vera’s model for primary care delivery via onsite or near-site clinics comes with proven results. We recently completed a study that demonstrated the substantial savings driven by an onsite clinic. The study revealed a net savings of more than $3.5 million in total healthcare costs within 24 months for Seattle Children’s, one of the nation’s premier children’s medical facilities, as a result of an onsite clinic. Download our white paper below to learn more.

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Vera's advanced primary care services are available in the State of Washington to:
1. Individuals designated by a registered or admitted health carrier: An individual who a Washington state registered or admitted health carrier ("Carrier") contracting with Vera has designated as qualified to obtain Vera services and who is enrolled in such Carrier's:
(a) fully insured group plan; or,
(b) administered self-insured group plan; or,
(c) reciprocal network access program [such as the BlueCard program]; or,
(d) fully-insured plan issued through a state or federal program; or,
(e) fully-insured individual plan.

2. Individuals Designated by a Self-Funded Employer or Self-Funded Union Trust: An individual who a self-funded employer or self-funded union trust contracting with Vera has designated as qualified to obtain Vera services.

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