The Definitive Guide to Evaluating On-Site Clinics

"Organizations today have a choice between shifting costs to employees or investing in long-term employee health through preventive care. The first option (cost shifting) cuts costs now, while the second (primary care) focuses on long-term savings."

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All is not well in healthcare today. The American medical sector dwarfs most other sectors of the economy. Hundreds of million are spent on research. Little progress is made. Costs continue to rise, and Americans are sicker than ever before. Where does this leave employers?

In their new eBook, Vera Whole Health takes a hard look at the challenges that employers face. They also examine potential solutions they have at their disposal like cost-shifting, traditional insurance, and on-site primary care. This eBook examines the important details that need to be considered when determining the correct population health management approach for your organization.

This is an important read for any CEO, HR professional, or benefits manager who has been struggling with how to provide quality healthcare without breaking the bank.

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