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A return to true primary care is the first step to curing our ailing healthcare system. But how? Watch this new video to see what the paradigm shift should look like.


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A new approach to primary care is the solution to what ails American Healthcare. Check out the resources below to learn more.


Advanced Primary Care: The Front Line Of A Health Revolution

Better healthcare needs champions. If you’ve ever felt underserved by the current healthcare system, you’re not alone. Advanced primary care (APC) is what healthcare should be, but isn’t … yet.


Patient Engagement And Healthcare Costs At Seattle Children's Before And After Vera

Learn how we helped Seattle Children’s improve employee health and satisfaction while driving down costs.

Sick Care Is Doomed To Failure - Cover

Sick Care Is Doomed To Failure

From dedicated care teams to empathetic listening practices, this eBook shows how Vera’s commitment to behavior change unfolds in the real world. Learn about the obstacles patients and providers face when trying to cultivate behavior change in traditional healthcare systems.

7 Lies Cover-2

7 LIES We’ve Told Ourselves That Prevent Us From Fixing Healthcare

We constantly talk about fixing healthcare, but we lie to ourselves about what’s driving our system’s flaws. The result is that our self-deception prevents us from seeing what’s really going on and guarantees we’ll keep making the same mistakes. In this white paper, we take on seven of those mistakes and the lies that are driving them.

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Vera's advanced primary care services are available in the State of Washington to:
1. Individuals designated by a registered or admitted health carrier: An individual who a Washington state registered or admitted health carrier ("Carrier") contracting with Vera has designated as qualified to obtain Vera services and who is enrolled in such Carrier's:
(a) fully insured group plan; or,
(b) administered self-insured group plan; or,
(c) reciprocal network access program [such as the BlueCard program]; or,
(d) fully-insured plan issued through a state or federal program; or,
(e) fully-insured individual plan.

2. Individuals Designated by a Self-Funded Employer or Self-Funded Union Trust: An individual who a self-funded employer or self-funded union trust contracting with Vera has designated as qualified to obtain Vera services.

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