"Organizations today have a choice between shifting costs to employees or investing in long-term employee health through preventive care. The first option (cost shifting) cuts costs now, while the second (primary care) focuses on long-term savings."

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Much has been made of the benefits of preventive care, especially in today’s reactive sick care environment. But preventive care isn’t the holy grail of health.

Facts don’t change health. They simply tell us what’s going on. That’s why behavior change matters.

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  • The transtheoretical model of behavior change — We’ll find out what it is, why it works, and how Vera integrates it into a transformative clinical experience
  • Barriers to behavior change in traditional medicine — We’ll learn about the obstacles patients and providers face when trying to cultivate behavior change in traditional healthcare systems
  • How Vera built its model to drive behavior change — From dedicated care teams to empathetic listening practices, we’ll see how Vera’s commitment to behavior change unfolds in the real world.
  • How Vera health coaching drives behavior change — We’ll take an in-depth look at Vera’s dedicated health coaches and the role they play in driving behavior change. We’ll also read about a real Vera patient to see how health coaching changed his life.

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