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Working with Vera to improve healthcare options, services, and delivery gives insurers a partner at the forefront of Advanced Primary Care. We help you stand out in a field of similar insurance companies, carriers, and networks all providing similar services. You’ll build additional value for your customers through a more engaged, inclusive, and navigable primary care model that also saves money on unnecessary claims.

Our solution simplifies the healthcare process for employers and their employees while offering a higher standard of care through time-rich appointments, data-driven risk assessment and identification, personalized health plans, health coaching and behavior change guidance, and coordination with specialists.


The Results Are Clear

We help insurers provide greater value to their clients by applying a more comprehensive and centralized approach to healthcare. Our model successfully reduces costs while increasing patient awareness, education, and empowerment in improving their own health.

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Build Customer Loyalty with Better Primary Care Services



We make it easy for insurers to offer Advanced Primary CareVera services. Our team will work with you on a custom solution that builds better value for your members through lowered costs and patient satisfaction.



Our care delivery improves on delivery of primary care is an improvement on the standard system, which requires qualified primary care providers to make excessive specialist referrals, leaves employers frustrated with the rising cost of healthcare claims and their employees feeling overlooked, anxious, and dissatisfied with their experience when visiting a doctor.

Getting started with Vera Whole Health

We make it easy for insurers to offer Vera services. Our team will work with you on a standard or customized solution that builds value for your clients through lowered costs and patient satisfaction. We’ll provide data analysis and insight to help you understand how working with us will improve your value appeal in the markets you occupy. Once you decide to partner with us, we’ll also help you to strategize and plan for an effective rollout of our service options with minimal disruption for your members.

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