Advanced Primary Care

A better healthcare model for building stronger relationships, increasing engagement, lowering costs, and improving outcomes

What is Advanced Primary Care?

Advanced Primary Care (APC) takes what you’ve come to expect from standard healthcare – the long waits, the frustratingly short appointments, the shuffle of specialist visits, the high costs and stress – and creates a more effective and enriching experience that truly benefits both patients and primary care physicians (at Vera, we call them primary care providers). By minimizing these obstacles, APC works to undo the issues that keep many people from seeing a doctor and acting on improving their health.

Vera Advanced Primary Care also uses claims data to identify risks. Providers can then engage with vulnerable patients about these factors, further empowering them to make changes that will keep them healthier for longer.

How Advanced Primary Care works

Delivering Advanced Primary Care starts with understanding the experience that nearly everyone has had when visiting a clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office — then improving on the current system where it’s needed most.


Book an appointment on the same or next day, bypassing long wait times for scheduling a visit or seeing a provider

Empathetic listening practices define all patient/provider interactions, to better pinpoint medical conditions, symptoms, associations, and underlying causes

Care coordination is provided when a specialist consultation is required, to prevent gaps in communication or treatment

Professional health coaching and behavioral change methods give patients the tools they need to adjust their habits and pursue health goals

More time-rich appointments instead of brief, impersonal visits that last just long enough for a specialist referral to be made

Primary care providers can operate to the top of the license, delivering diagnoses and treatment that would otherwise be outsourced to a specialist

Healthcare claims data analysis helps to identify risks, so that providers can work with patients to mitigate or manage these factors

Affordable and accessible care for patients who will be more likely to visit their primary care provider before requiring more expensive emergency treatment.

Our Clients Love Advanced Primary Care

“This was one of the best medical appointments I have ever had. Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor made me feel like their number one priority. They spent more time with me than I ever expected and showed an honest concern with everything about me and my health.”


APC vs. Standard Primary Care

Discover a clear difference in focus, quality, and cost-effectiveness.


Advanced Primary Care flips the current standard of healthcare wherein primary care providers act as filters for specialists. It instead places engagement at the forefront, employing more time-rich appointments and empathetic listening techniques. This way, providers can form stronger patient relationships that allow for more in-depth discussions and understanding of their health needs.

By also keeping most patient care “in house” and expanding the range of services qualified providers can administer, APC helps to drive down costs to employers and insurers while making healthcare more approachable and rewarding for patients.


The current standard of healthcare requires primary care providers to act as filters for specialists. This seriously diminishes the time and attention that doctors can spend on their patients, and on getting to know their specific symptoms, health history, and concerns. In addition, it stymies both the provider and patient’s abilities to communicate with each other effectively and create a health plan targeted toward addressing existing conditions and preventing future risks.

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Care Centers as Medical Home

Vera’s APC model centralizes care for patients, allowing them to get the majority of consultation, treatment, and follow-up they need at one convenient location from one dedicated primary care team.


What is a medical home?

Vera onsite and near-site clinics act as a convenient and accessible vehicle for Advanced Primary Care delivery. They create a centralized hub for employee healthcare, where patients meet with providers who can apply the time and attention necessary to address their risks, concerns, and goals.

Why is a care center the ideal way to deliver Advanced Primary Care?

Navigating the current healthcare system is often needlessly complex, for both providers and patients. Rather than sending patients to a several specialists spread out across various facilities, they’re able to access a wide range of services – including Primary Care, Urgent Care, Occupational Health, and Preventive Care – from a single location.

What’s the effect of a medical home on the patient experience?

Patients who have a resource they can trust, not just for immediate treatment — but for information, guidance, and coaching — are more likely to visit before needing expensive emergency or urgent care. They’ll also be more empowered to make informed, proactive steps toward managing their own health.

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