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Vera Whole Health is a an advanced primary care company at the vanguard of a healthcare revolution. We change the way patients experience healthcare by improving on the existing system. Through strategic, well-considered, and valuable changes in primary care delivery, we dispel the mindset that regular doctor visits and an informed, interactive approach to lifelong health is unavoidably expensive and complex.


Our Mission

We’re here to make healthcare better for everyone.

That includes patients, primary care providers, employers, and insurers. We’ve built a system that puts engagement at the forefront, from time-rich appointments to care coordination with specialists.


Our empathetic listening method is at the core of every service we deliver

Patients can enact real, practical behavior change that addresses risk factors and improves lifelong health with the constant support and guidance from trained, invested, and compassionate medical professionals

We provide a data-driven approach to health risk identification and management to impact patients most vulnerable to certain conditions, illnesses, and diseases

Our advanced primary care services with embedded health coaching are powerful and effective resources to help patients take charge of their own wellness, including setting and achieving goals that will keep them healthier in the long run

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Where Vera Works

Our clients include Seattle Children’s, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City, and Amy’s Kitchen, with clinics in several major US cities. Find us on the map.

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